Indicative LHA Rate Boosts Unveiled for 2024/2025

January, 2024

In a move to address housing needs across the country, the government has revealed indicative changes to Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates for 2024/2025. These adjustments, stemming from the Chancellor's commitment, aim to provide increased financial support to renters in the private sector.


Percentage Increase in LHA Rates for Barnsley:

Shared Accommodation: £61.50 to £72.80 (Approx 18.46%)

1 Bedroom: £84 to £95.51 (Approx. 13.75% Increase)

2 Bedrooms: £92.05 to £103.56 (Approx. 12.50% Increase)

3 Bedrooms: £109.32 to £126.58 (Approx. 15.75% Increase)

4 Bedrooms: £148.44 to £178.36 (Approx. 20% Increase)

LHA rates, crucial for determining housing support, are annually reviewed by Rent Officers. The government's commitment to raising rates in Barnsley aligns with the 30th percentile of local market rates, as announced in the Autumn Statement.

DWP Involvement:

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) utilizes LHA rates to calculate maximum housing support for Universal Credit and Housing Benefit claimants in the Barnsley area.

Indicative Rates for Barnsley 2024/2025:

Based on Rent Officer data for the 30th percentile of market rents.

Aligned with Rent Officers Orders, ensuring no reduction compared to March 31, 2020.

960 rates cover all BRMA and bedroom types for claimants receiving Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing Element.

As we anticipate the confirmed rates on January 31, 2024, these indicative changes signify a significant step toward addressing housing challenges in Barnsley. The potential increases promise enhanced affordability and support for renters, marking a positive stride in the local housing landscape. Stay tuned for the official release for a comprehensive understanding of the upcoming fiscal year's housing support.

Monthly Indicative Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates for 2024/25  
  SAR LHA rate  1 bed LHA rate  2 bed LHA rate  3 bed LHA rate  4 bed LHA rate 
Barnsley £316.33 £415.01 £449.99 £550.02 £775.02
Sheffield £350.01 £575.01 £619.98 £679.99 £950.00
Wakefield £326.98 £500.01 £594.99 £725.00 £884.99
Doncaster £304.17 £425.01 £500.01 £550.02 £725.00
Rotherham £351.31 £430.00 £500.01 £550.02 £817.51

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