Fake Grass - Why is it taking over the U.K's gardens?

October, 2021

Garden carpet a.k.a Artificial grass is taking over the U.K and becoming more popular than ever and its clear why, no more weekends waking up at 6 to "Mow the lawn".

Garden maintenance can become teadious and its no suprise 25% of the nation have already traded traditional gardens for care free artificial ones.

How can this help you sell/let a property? 

Maximise your garden space by using the garden carpet on your patios and decking. Give those cold hard and sometimes slippy surfaces a new breath of artificail life and grip.

For landlords this can be a little saviour! No calls from neighbors saying tennants arent doing there part to keep the neighborhood looking clean and no stress over garden maintenance if ever between tenants. with low maintenance comes low costs, no more buying seeds or turf to replace that receeding grass line and bald patches.

Some tenants will also consider the size and how much time they would have to devout to a properties garden when moving in, the less work for the tenant; the less work for you!

Evergreen and lush, artificial grass can last many years and still look "healthy and fresh cut" as the day the fitters rolled it out.

Although at first glance artificial grass seems appealing, there is a cost. As the days get hot so does the ground. Natural grass keeps the ground cool which is not something that can be said for artificial. The shortfall is artificail can get hot (Blistering hot) We would not recomend walking around barefoot in the summer and this can render childern and pets vulnerable. 


Written by - Cameron Rouse

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